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Episode 413 - Fun Do
Fondue Accessories
Break out the fun stuff...
Looking for innovative and inexpensive ideas for your next party or gathering? Look no further: why not try a fondue party! I invite you to throw on your fun cap and get ready to do this "fun do."

Now, if you have an old shag carpet hiding in the basement I expect you to roll it out onto your living room floor. This brings back memories of my childhood, when my sisters would rake the shag carpet once a week, while I cut the grass.

In thinking about fondue parties and the 1970's, you can't forget about the fondue pot itself. If you didn't save your traditional fondue pot 20 years ago, you can find one at local resale shops and garage sales.

A colourful container rests on top of a heating element. The heating element is pretty basic. You have a small canister into which you place a fuel source, light it and place the pot on top. Now you're ready to start cooking fondue. For my party, I planned to have two different types of fondue going.

Now, with the fondue pots ready to be fired up, the next important thing to consider is the utensils. When you do fondue you will need long, skinny, pronged forks in order to pick up the piece of food you want, dip it into the pot, and pop it into your mouth. Some forks have coloured dots on the handle so you can tell which is yours.

Our china pattern was a lot of fun; I picked it up at a tag sale at 50 cents a plate. The pattern is called Kimberley, by Cathy Winkle. The name itself brings back that 70's feeling. As well, I chose to place down bright orange salad bowls made out of a durable plastic. Glassware consists of olive coloured wine goblets

Don't worry about pulling out the fancy napkins. For your fondue party, paper will do just fine. Don't forget that colour was very important back in the 70's. Choose shades of yellow, red, vibrant orange, and olive green.

My service platters I borrowed from a friend. Metal with white enamel work, they were olive and orange coloured with large white flowers in the centre. Additional bowls along the same theme are perfect for containing all the items that we'd be dipping into our fondue. I also found a bright yellow relish tray, with a pretty flower in the centre. Tiny olive and orange bowls were perfect for nuts, or pretzels.

Finally, I placed a vibrant orange vase on the table, with a bunch of colourful flowers (gerberas are great!).

Such a pleasure to plan for this fondue party, as it was so easy, and so much fun to accessorize.

What more could you ask for when going all out to entertain?