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Episode 412 - Movie Night Too!
Lavender Pouches
Smells wonderful...
One of Scarlett O'Hara's favourite remembrances was the aroma of her Mom, who wore lavender. As a part of our tribute to "Gone With The Wind", we thought we'd share our idea for how to create a lavender sachet:

  • ivory linen
  • ribbon (*use whatever colours you desire, preferably along the lavender theme)
  • fresh lavender

Sew a piece of linen into a long bag. Note: the long shape is important because it will allow for a greater expanse of the aroma. Attach ribbon (we used purple, pale mauve, and lilac-coloured) in order to tie up bag. Scoop lavender into the bag, filling it up. Tighten ribbon, and tie into a bow.

You can place your completed sachet into a drawer, on your bed, in the closet, in your car, or wherever you want to impart this wonderful scent.

Smells like a good idea, doesn't it?