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Episode 412 - Movie Night Too!
Mint Juleps
What a drink...
When talking about Southern-style hospitality, an important service piece is a julep cup. Not only is the shape of the cup wonderful, but the fact that it is silver makes it perfect for serving a chilled Southern cocktail.

Here is my recipe for a mint julep!

  • fresh mint herb leaves
  • 1 oz. bourbon
  • 1 tsp. sugar, extra fine
  • splash of water
  • crushed ice

Rub some of the mint along the inside top rim of the julep cup. Transfer cup into the freezer for half an hour. Into a separate glass, add bourbon, sugar, a splash of water and some more mint leaves. Gently muddle the mixture with a muddler (the trick is not to break the leaves, this will make the drink bitter instead of just gently releasing the oils). Take the cup out of the freezer, fill it with crushed ice, and pour the bourbon and water on top. Serve, garnished with mint and a straw.

I also decided to move our flower arrangement from the dining room table to the living room table after dinner. A little tip for the next time you plan a party: why not recycle your flowers by moving them around? They are of no use on the dining room table after you are finished dinner, so why not show them off the next room you'll be using.

A true taste of Southern comfort in both a libation and a beautiful flower arrangement that you and your guests will surely enjoy.