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Episode 411 - I Do!
Floral Centrepeice
The center of attention...
Floral centrepieces can dramatically enhance any wedding table. For Susan and Mark's wedding we chose a lovely green called New Zealand Pit, set off with purple Scabiosa. We added some silal, and a little bit of hydrangea. Of course, we couldn't resist including a fresh fruit element: green grapes added a nice touch. Our colour palette came together in the centre of the table as we added a few full-blown Hollywood roses to each arrangement.

All bunched together and placed into silver flowerpots, each arrangement gave nice height but didn't obstruct guest sight lines. At each table, we placed two tall tapered candles, sage green in colour, on either side of the centrepiece. The green colour of the candles complemented the leaves in the arrangement; however, pale blue, or ivory can work just as well. Once the candles were lit and flickering gently, the floral combinations became the centre of attention aside, of course, from the magnificent bride and groom!