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Episode 411 - I Do!
Cover Up!
Linen rental...
Our trip down the aisle must include a discussion of specialty table linens. Most of us don't have an abundance of cloths of the same type; this is what rental companies are for!

Organza overlays are wonderful option. They provide great definition of colour. A nice treatment is to gather the fabric at intervals around the table and pin it with a bloom or a piece of greenery. Another option is to sprinkle flower petals on the undercloth and then lay the organza on top to create a delicate floral look.

As options for table covers abound, it helps to stick to a theme. A holiday wedding may call for strong yellow patterns and vibrant reds. Tone on tone imparts a sleek, sophisticated look. Garden weddings inspire floral patterns. At Susan and Mark's wedding we used a butter cream table covering with a rich, textured pattern.

Your linen rental company is usually able to offer napkins that either match or act as contrast to your covering. Oversized napkins, (20" by 20"), are nice at a formal dinner.

Linen rental companies also offer cocktail napkins, table runners, and buffet cloths. What's the best part? You guessed it! The next day everything's handed back to the professionals, no cleaning, pressing or folding. Your job is simply to relax, reflect, and get ready for the rest of your new life together.

Special Thanks: Table Wraps; Toronto, ON (416) 447-9819