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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Nik 2 U
Enjoy your special day...
Hopefully you are sitting there thinking how glad you are that your little pre-wedding butterflies have thankfully flown away. I sincerely hope that "Savoir Faire" has helped to alleviate some of the anxiety that is quite naturally felt when planning for such a special day.

When you are ready to plan your wedding, I want you to keep a few things in mind. Try to look to some professionals, as their expertise will make planning easier and more organized, look to the flower professionals, talk to those wonderful people creating wedding cakes, and make sure your wedding invitation says it all. It will be all these traditions and customs coming together that create a memorable day.

Don't forget to include little tiny personal things that involve you and your fiancÚ.

Once everything is in place for a successful wedding day, you will see how these tips ring true when you say, "I do!"