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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Tux Talk 2
The hip look...
Nicolas Kalatzis' second suggestion for mens' formal wear was what he described as a little bit more cutting edge and fresh.

Classic, yet hip, this was a gorgeous black suit with a black shirt. Nicolas pointed out the beautiful tie, called a "dandy", with two different fabrics on each side, silver and black. Nicolas demonstrated that when you show a little bit of the edging, it makes the look quite interesting as it gives you a little more depth and a little more of a three-dimensional look. A beautiful profile, together with the hidden fly front of the jacket where the button closures were totally hidden added to the look. The jacket was a little bit longer than the norm.

There were two pairs of trousers as options with this suit: 1) the single pleat, narrow profile pant with the gros grain which would provide the "tuxedo look"; 2) a flat, front pant that could be worn for black tie optional, or also just as an outstanding black, dressy suit for a cocktail, or evening party.

By the time I left the beautifully-stocked store, I felt that I had gained a lot of insight from Nicolas into options of how to look your best for events and to stay looking your best for years to come.

Special Thanks: Nicolas Kalatzis, Nicolas Menswear, 86 Bloor Street West on Bellair, Toronto, ON M5S 1M5; Telephone (416) 966-2064