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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Tux Talk 1
Lookin good...
Gentlemen, start your engines and head to your favourite menswear store to purchase a tuxedo. Buy a classic design, and before you know it you'll be able to go to all the events that call for black tie, including your very own wedding.

I visited Nicolas Kalatzis, owner of Nicolas Menswear, who had some suggestions on black tie and tuxedos. Nicolas tends to suggest designs that are, as he says, "classic with a twist". Having a model, Joe, at the store, was useful in seeing what the garments would actually look like on a person.

Nicolas described the first tuxedo that Joe sported as one that would take you literally anywhere around the world. Starting from the top, Nicolas suggested a small, black satin bow tie with a very soft profile. It looked like a hand-tied bow tie, yet it was not. However, Nicolas pointed out that a lot of men have difficulty tying their bow tie, and that this would be a great alternative for them.

The shirt was a beautiful piqué front shirt, with hidden buttons so it didn't show any of the studs, a very clean look. The jacket had a high three-button placement, with gros grain buttons and gros grain lapel. A single pleated pant with a beautiful side profile with a raised seam helped to complete the look. Nicolas described the pant as a very narrow profile, which could be complemented with a beautiful Chelsea boot. In his opinion, velvet, satin or patent leather are looks that are totally "passé".

As a whole, Nicolas forecasted that this tuxedo would be a five-year proposition in the look for what today's classic man wants - a tuxedo with an edge!

Special Thanks: Nicolas Kalatzis, Nicolas Menswear, 86 Bloor Street West on Bellair, Toronto, ON M5S 1M5; Telephone (416) 966-2064