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Episode 410 - I Propose...
Wedding Invitations
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It all begins with your beloved on bended knee asking for your hand in marriage. The question has been popped! Assuming the proposal has been accepted I'd like to suggest that you grab that hunk of a guy or that beauty of a bride, head into a specialty stationery store, and start looking at wedding invitations.

I took a trip to William Ashley Limited of Toronto and met with an invitation specialist, Heather Lynn Berry. She and I discussed what to expect when a bride and groom make their selections. Heather Lynn pointed out that the type of invitation you choose is important because it is the very first indication as to what kind of event you'll be having. Whether it calls for formal, fun, in the garden, or on a boat, the invitation sets the tone for many things from your guests' attire to their choice of gifts.

Invitation specialists typically provide binders containing examples of different styles, papers and fonts. As I browsed through the selection of embossed and engraved invitations, reception cards and return envelopes, I asked Heather Lynn what comprises a standard invitation. She explained that there aren't really any rules to follow, that everybody has their own personal taste and does their own different thing.

Options for invitation cards can be as simple as one piece of paper, but there is also a folded over style. You can decide if other options are necessary, such as valet parking cards, map cards, and direction cards. Heather Lynn suggested that an invitation could comprise of as many as five or six pieces of paper that all instruct something different.

Non-traditional enhancements such as adding bows, florals, different types of papers, linings, and colours are also great options. Most important is to try to obtain an overall uniform look for every component to the invitation from the rehearsal dinner invitation to the thank you cards. With respect to the wording of the invitation, there is actually a standard, traditional way to do it. However, again, every wedding is different and the choice is up to you.

Regarding time frames, Heather Lynn informed me that six to eight weeks is the minimum for sending out invitations. Bear in mind that if you have people travelling a long distance, they may need three or four months notice in order to make travel arrangements. If you have chosen a popular date such as Christmas or a long weekend, you have to give people plenty of notice so that they can make their plans accordingly.

With so much to choose from, it is nice to have somebody such as Heather Lynn to assist you in making your decisions. The wealth of knowledge that such experts can provide will help you to get the wheels in motion for this very special event.

Special Thanks: Heather Lynn Berry - William Ashley Limited; 55 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON; Telephone (416) 964-2900