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Episode 309 - Simply Moving
Kitchen Essentials 1
Find true classics at Ashley's
When buying kitchen essentials for your first time home, it's always nice to have some expert advice. Sarah Richardson, interior design specialist, took a trip with me to the beautifully stocked shelves of William Ashley to discuss how to make wise choices when setting up your first home, registering for the first time, or simply starting over.

We started with an everyday casual dinnerware, something you are going to use for all three meals. Sarah believes that the best thing to begin with is a simple, clean, white setting. Food always looks good on white and it is the perfect foundation to build upon. You can always mix and match; maybe every once in awhile try a nice patterned motif for side plates for a fun dinner.

The simple service allows you to have a lot of flexibility with different looks. Sarah pointed out that people generally don't tend to tire of the colour white. If you were to go out and purchase something for your first set that has a lot of pattern or colour, you may love it at first but you may not find it as versatile or useful five years from now.

Courtesy: Sarah Richardson, Sarah Richardson Designs, Toronto, ON (416) 925-3338

William Ashley Limited, 55 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON (416) 964-2900