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Episode 305 - Home Stretch
Plant Snippings
Nik the botanist?
Imagine you are moving your favourite house plant when, suddenly, you accidentally break off a stem! Fear not: help is on the way. Here is a great way to salvage the clippings and allow them to sprout new roots. Before you know it, they can be re-planted and you will have discovered an easy way to fill your home with great plants.

You will need:
  • plant clippings
  • jars, containing water
  • garden shears,
  • pot soil


Take broken stem, remove some of the lower leaves. Take garden shears and make a fresh cut on the stem. Partially fill jar with water and place clipping into it. Place on a window sill. In about 2 weeks, the clipping will sprout roots. Transfer it into a pot containing soil.

Before you know it, your little clipping will turn into a huge plant. How's that for a snippy-snappy idea?