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Episode 305 - Home Stretch
Bread Buying
Choose your grains wisely
Shopping smart and healthy for an entire week of meals must include buying bread. After having guided me through vegetable buying, my friend Leslie Beck, nutrition expert, advised me on what to look for on bread labels.

The rule of thumb is that you should try to choose whole grain breads. Leslie cautioned me that this is not always as easy as it sounds because the names of breads can be deceiving. Many breads, no matter how good they look or how great sounding their titles are, have white flour in them. Leslie encourages her clients to look at the list of ingredients if they are buying packaged bread or to ask the baker what kind of flour he/she uses. The number one ingredient should be either whole wheat flour or whole grain rye flour. These types will provide you with more B vitamins, more iron, and more fibre.

Courtesy: Leslie Beck, RD, Nutrition Consultant, Toronto, ON (416) 367-5200 Ext. 21

Loblaws Queen's Quay Market; Toronto, ON (416) 304-0611