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Episode 304 - Morning After
Out Damn Spot!
Nik and Joanne
Ever wonder how to clean linens after a dinner party? Well, my friend Joanne Thring of Filigree Interiors, purveyor of fine and antique linens has a few suggestions for getting the best results.

For wine-based stains, Joanne suggests literally dousing the stain with salt right away. If the stain has dried, add some soda water to dampen, then the salt. After letting it sit for about half an hour, rinse the linen with warm water and launder.

For grease-based stains, make a paste of baking soda water and peroxide. Add this paste liberally to the stain and again let it sit for about half an hour. Then rinse your linen under warm water and launder as usual.

A tried and true way to remove even the most stubborn of accidents is the old boiling method. Place the stained linen into your canning pot filled with water. Add about ˝ cup of granular dishwasher detergent. Do not use regular dish soap or laundry detergent; you’ll have literally an explosion of suds!! Boil the linens for about 20 minutes and then launder.

One more hint, always rub the stains gently so as not to damage the fibers of your fine linens.

Courtesy: Joanne Thring; Filigree Interiors, Toronto, Ontario (416) 961-5223