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Episode 304 - Morning After
The Big Clean Up
Somebody's got to do it
Ugh, what a mess! The party was a success but now you’re left to clean everything up. The trick is to do all of this stuff BEFORE you head off to bed. It will help to make the morning after much more manageable.

1. Soak baking pans, pots and roasters in warm water with a bit of dish soap. Next day they’ll clean up in a jiffy.

2. Put a little soapy water in your glassware. Never scour or wash your glasses with abrasives.

3. Silver ware and cutlery should also be soaked in warm, sudsy water.

4. Lucky enough to receive some flowers? Don’t try to make an arrangement when you receive them. The next morning is the perfect time to place them in the right vase.

5. Here’s a trick for removing stubborn wax from candlesticks. Place them in the freezer for a few hours. The wax drippings will come off much more easily.

It doesn’t take much time to do this before visiting the sandman. And you’ll thank yourself the next morning!