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Episode 312 - Spa Day
Yoga For You
Excellent, young grasshopper!
I'm always looking for new ways to shed myself of stress. My friend Jean Macklin, a yoga teacher came into the loft one day to give our viewers a primer on this most ancient of relaxation techniques. I tell you when we were finished, I felt ready to take on almost anything. Jean was kind enough to give us some tips for beginners. You won't believe how good you'll feel after a session.

Jean's notes for yoga beginners:
  1. Wear loose clothing.
  2. Bare feet are ideal.
  3. Drink plenty of water during and after practice.
  4. Eat at least two hours before practicing yoga.
  5. Consider taking a class with a teacher. Getting the right moves will be easier than trying it on your own with a book or video.
  6. You can benefit from yoga at any age.
  7. Relax and enjoy, because
  8. Yoga is good for you!
Courtesy: Jean Macklin, Jean Macklin Yoga, Toronto, ON (416) 926-8996