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Episode 312 - Spa Day
Fun Stuff #2
Facial, anyone?
All right, I admit it: I want to put mud on your face and cukes in your eyes. No, silly, I'm talking about relaxing you!

When planning a Spa Day, I turned my dining room into skin care central. With the collection of facials, rubs, and lotions I wanted the area to be perfect both for doing treatments and for hanging out.

First, I chose a spa-inspired line of china. Geometric-shaped white bowls with simple lines were perfect. The stark, clean white was offset beautifully by the pale pastels of the various ointments and lotions that would make it all happen.

To start off the skin-care regimen, I placed down a tea tree oil toner, wonderful for taking away dirt and grease. Next, an alpha-hydroxy and meadowsweet facial scrub. Onto an avocado and oatmeal facial mask as well as a natural seaweed and Vitamin C mask (masks are so much fun to apply and then remove). Next, a cool cucumber and ginseng skin therapy lotion. An exotic purple lotion for massage therapy and moisture. Vitamin E capsules and Epsom salt crystals in order to soak those tired, aching bodies in the tub. And, the final step: soothing aloe vera gel. I put each product name on a tiny place-card along with a wooden applicator in front of each bowl.

Final details on the table were face cloths rolled up and ready to wipe away the cares of the day. I placed a slice of fresh lemon on top of each. Sliced cucumber resting on ice was perfect for tightening up tired eyes. Also, hot and cold night masks were provided for a little bit of relief.

The table looked good enough to eat!

By the way, you should know that the Zen-esque atmosphere of Spa Day does not preclude the host. You are under strict orders to relax as well. Inhale, exhale… Exactly!