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Episode 312 - Spa Day
Fun Stuff #1
Livingroom to Spa in minutes!
Tired? Listless? Stressed out? Welcome to Spa Day.

As I set up for the day of pampering, I cleared out my living room area so that my guests would have a fresh, clean space to enjoy the whole experience.

I began by placing straw mats on the floor. These would be perfect for my guests as they relaxed with facial masks on, as well as for our yoga instruction. At the head of each mat, I placed a clear vase with fresh daisies (feel free to use your own favourites). A fresh white towel rolled up and ready for the post-facial clean-up was placed on top of the mat. As well, I put down a tiny saucer at each mat for my guests to place their jewelry in.

Fresh, clean, and inviting - we're talking about complete relaxation…