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Episode 312 - Spa Day
Spa Invitations
Join us in Relaxation!
The all-important invitations can be whipped up in the guise of being Official Doctor's Notes. Print them out on spa-inspired fresh white paper. The residing physician? Dr. Reel E. Healthy; and where does he reside? In La La Land, of course! This doctor knows that his invitees are stressed out and he has issued this note saying, "Please excuse my patient from a day of work".
Details on the invitation can be the approximate times for the day of pampering. For example, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., during which time treatment will include: facials, massage, pedicure, manicure, luncheon, yoga, relaxation and relief. Don't forget to remind your 'patients' that it is about dressing casually and comfortably.

Prepare the invitations, then take a long tube that can be delivered in the mail. Take some peaceful paper (I picked a wonderful pale blue striped velum) and circle it around the tube, attaching it with a glue stick. Take the lid off of one side of the tube and insert various spa-enticing items: an inexpensive face cloth tied up with a tiny blue ribbon; a relaxation bath ball in a small clear bag tied up with a ribbon and a tag that says "relax"; a tiny refresher spray can of water; an inexpensive bar of soap wrapped up with the same velum paper. Finally, and most importantly, the Doctor's Note Invitation: roll it up and put it in the tube.

All of this excitement in one invitation! Make one out for each guest, write their name and address on a nice piece of paper, take an inexpensive white label (I used a round sticker) and attach it. Nice and easy, when your guests receive their invitations, they will be eagerly anticipating complete R & R.