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Episode 311 - Hoe Down!
Fun with Tables
To seat our guests for our casual Hoe Down, we decided to do something untraditional: we set up two separate tables, each for four people. We saw this arrangement as an inducement for the foot-stomping that would come later on (with our interactive square dancing!).

When entertaining, there are no rules of thumb on how to seat people. You can put husbands and wives together or separate, split up same-sex couples; whatever you wish to do, just make sure you organize your tables so that a lot of conversation is happening at them. Then, at dessert, why not switch people around?

We set the table using a simple burlap undercloth on which we placed a yellow gingham table cloth. Next came the round, burlap placemats. Our enamel plates and cups went perfectly with our white handled cutlery. Bandannas became napkins, secured with silver star-shaped napkin rings. An old tin lunchbox became the perfect container for our condiments. To help complete the look, we added a few tin lanterns, as well as a couple of old glass milk jugs with white and yellow daisies sticking out of them.

Finally, it was time to round up the troops! Hope you try this really soon…