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Episode 311 - Hoe Down!
Hoe Down is easy to prepare because of this sense of relaxation. You can start with the pillows in your living room. Cover them with some inexpensive gingham fabric, and tie a knot at the center. Takes a second and looks great! How 'bout that ol' cowboy hat? If you've got one stored away, now is the perfect time to pull it out and use it.

Party enhancements such as tin lanterns will create quite the ambiance for your casual creation. To complete the mood, why not go all out and dress down? Overalls and flannel shirts are perfect for that down home feeling. Don't forget to mention this casual dress code when you invite your friends. Speaking of invitations, why not create them using some nice, plain paper as you spell out the words "Hoe Down" with some twine and a hot glue gun?

Worried that your guests won't enjoy your heap of down home hospitality? Just relax. After all, that's what it's all about!