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Episode 307 - Green With Envy
Potted Flowers
Green green green...
Greens, greens, and more greens! Assisted by Michael McKim, friend and floral expert, we endeavoured to create the outdoors indoors! For our final and fairly simple arrangement we worked on snowball hydrangea or viburnum.

Viburnum comes in a long, woody stem, which we clipped, then we shaved off the outer layer of bark to allow more moisture in. Viburnum is trimmed from a huge bush, and it is a great thing to put behind your table to add an architectural element. It can also be placed in a square-shaped planters box.

Our third arrangement was complete! We had created a beautiful look for our table, with different heights, textures, and colours. And the best part of it was that Michael agreed to answer the phone the next time I called for help! I think you'll really enjoy your own versions of these great ideas.

Courtesy : Michael McKim; Parterre Flowers, 182 Davenport Road; Toronto, ON (416) 966-8669