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Episode 307 - Green With Envy
Veggie Arrangement
Oh my, it's a... can it be a... BROCCOFLOWER!!!
Guided by Michael McKim, friend and floral expert from Parterre Flowers, I looked to my local vegetable stand for inspiration to create an arrangement along a "green" theme. We found a wonderful lime-green coloured broccoflower. Peeling off its outer leaves to clean it up a little, we took a florist's spike (which can be picked up at your local florist) and spiked the stem with it. Then we placed it into a square-shaped planter box which was painted… you guessed it - green! Lining it with plastic, we placed a soaked square oasis inside the box and then simply dropped the broccoflower inside. We finished the arrangement off with some lovely Camellia Greens which if you haven't already discovered, you may wish to soon. Camellia Greens have very oily leaves with little flower buds which really give them some lovely detail.

As an option, you can try using artichokes, which are beautiful texturally. As well, the box can be stained any colour, depending on your theme.

Courtesy : Michael McKim; Parterre Flowers, 182 Davenport Road; Toronto, ON (416) 966-8669