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Episode 307 - Green With Envy
Easy Topiary
Easy and beautiful
On occasion, my telephone conversations with friends begin with one word: "Help!" That was the case when I called Michael McKim, friend, and also flower expert from Parterre Flowers. The next word I said to Michael was "green" and that is what he brought me.

We assembled the look for the centre of the dining table. He brought a variety of different things that would give us different heights for our table and different textures of green. He brought a myrtle topiary, a beautiful delicate plant with a nice thin stem. He placed it in a basic terracotta pot, glued some green sheet moss to it and tied a bit of raffia around the stem to finish it off nicely. We left holes in the green sheet moss in order to place votive candles directly in and around the stem to cast a nice light onto our green arrangement.

Readily available at our local florist or greenhouse, sheet moss and topiary plants are fairly easy to find. Not too bad on the difficulty scale and beautiful on your dining room table!

Courtesy : Michael McKim; Parterre Flowers, 182 Davenport Road; Toronto, ON (416) 966-8669