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Episode 307 - Green With Envy
Green Table
How green is my table?
When Savoir Faire first thought of doing colour tributes, I remember thinking that they would become favourites. Well, each one has. It's a fun task to find inspiration to entertain along a specific colour theme.

For our 'Green' Episode, I set the table for a bucolic indoor garden party for six. Why did we choose green? Well, it's fresh, it's wonderful, and there are so many different shades and tones to play around with.

To start off the table, I placed a long green and white striped runner down its center. Then, I began to build each place-setting using two different china patterns in two shades of green. Dark green entree plates were the foundation, then a lighter green herringbone pattern was added. Don't forget that when you're laying down a herringbone pattern, you should make sure that the pattern runs in one direction (unless you choose deliberately to alternate).

I discovered some green oak leaf shaped plates for the scrumptious Thai Salad rolls I was going to serve. I found these thematic plates in my basement. Remember that once you select your colour you will be looking for anything and everything in that colour so you'll be finding stuff all over. Speaking of which, I borrowed flatware from a friend. Its heavy, basket pattern complemented the herringbone pattern of the china service beautifully.

For dessert, I used green plates with a wonderful floral design. Napkins were rectangular-shaped and, of course, green, and I did a wave-shaped napkin fold for each one. Searching high and low for the perfect glassware, I found some clunky, heavy green goblets ones which were perfect for the Chardonnay I'd be serving.

Accessory pieces consisted of green ball-shaped salt and pepper shakers that coincidentally matched the glassware and an oak leaf patterned cream and sugar set with a little acorn on top.

Taking inspiration not only from myself but also from Mother Nature I took some leaves from a tree and, with a gold pen, wrote each guest's name on each one. It's amazing how you can take something as simple as a leaf and, with a little creativity, create the perfect place-card. Tucked under each oak leaf plate, they certainly marked the spot for all of my friends who were about to enjoy this look of green.

With green floral arrangements as centerpieces, my table looked fresh and inviting. I also placed a few votive candles around. I figured if the flowers were growing, my table should be glowing. Are you feeling a little green with envy? Well, don't be. You could do this entire look so easily yourself!

Courtesy: William Ashley Limited, 55 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON (416) 964-2900