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Episode 303 - Girl Power!
These girls have it made!
Colour is the catchword if you’re lucky enough to host a children’s birthday party! And here are some suggestions for tableware and accessories you may wish to consider the next time it’s someone’s special day:

Depending on your guests’ ages, dishes, cutlery and glassware should be plastic. If you hunt around there’s quite a selection of shapes, colours and sizes to be found. Have fun mixing and matching and remember the best thing, the dishes won’t break!

It’s always great to place a couple of large bowls of popcorn or other treats your kids enjoy in the centre of the table.

Treats you might want to consider as giveaways: how about plastic sunglasses, children’s face glitter, bubbles, hair clips and plastic rings.

Loot bags are always a favourite, and here’s where you can really let your imagination roam free. Neat pencil sharpeners, soaps, Pez candies (always include some refills)

The rest of the materials you have on hand depend on the theme your child has chosen. For our girl’s disco party we included brightly-coloured feather boas, long strands of costume beads and hats. Before you know it you’ll be having more fun planning the party than you could ever imagine!