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Episode 303 - Girl Power!
Table Set Up
Feeling zapped for kids birthday party ideas? Itís really not that difficult to plan an event for children of any age when you consider a couple of basic points. They have to have fun and leave with a couple of inexpensive gifts by which they can remember the party. They key is to incporate activities and stuff that you know they will enjoy. The smiles on their faces alone will be your reward for a long time to come.

Hereís a great idea for a table covering for the main event. We used thick parcel paper and we added an unexpected detail to a plain piece of paper by scalloping the edges of the paper once we laid it onto the table. Down the centre of the table we attached a brighter paper using vibrant stickers you can pick up in almost any art, craft or office supply store.

To let you get food and drink underway, a selection of vibrant coloured markers will let your guests and guest of honour write birthday salutations and best wishes right onto the table covering. They can even draw their own placemats!

You may wish to set up an activities area away from the table. In this case, how about an assortment of beads and string so the children can make their own bracelets or necklaces. Another idea is to have the kids decorate their own, inexpensive lucite frames. You and they can then snap Polaroids of each other as a keepsake of an afternoon well spent.