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Episode 301 - Life Imitates Art
Moderne Table
Did you know that you can rent art from your local art gallery or museum? Itís a great way to bring new inspiration for entertaining right into your own living space. My friend, Barbara Shadbolt of the Art Rentals and Sales Department of the Art Gallery of Ontario suggested a modern piece, an abstract modern from Clive Doliveria, from which to set a table. Itís very graphic and fun and best of all, some of the new materials you may have to purchase can be put to other uses after the partyís over.

We begin setting the table using a yellow canvas table covering and we left the cover slightly wrinkled to capture the natural look of the fabric. We used artistís palettes as place mats remembering that they can be re-used later as gifts for the kids.

Our plates are all made from glass and come in a rainbow of colours and shapes, including triangles, ovals, circles and squares. The glassware pattern is also very colourful and we were especially attracted to the graduated glass ball stems. The cutlery is of a modern, abstract design and we used a different coloured napkin for each place setting. The place cards are tubes of paint, onto each of which is glued a piece of colourful construction paper with the guestís name.

Onto a small wooden easel, which can later be used to display a photo or picture on the mantle or favourite table, we place a small canvas onto which is affixed the dinner menu.

Our centrepieces are small, coloured tin buckets filled with artistís brushes. Again, the kids will love this stuff afterwards.

Best of all, on the backs of each chair place a black artistís beret, perfect for creating that Left Bank feeling!

Courtesy: Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas Street West; Toronto, ON (416) 979-6648. Rentals and Sales: (416) 979-6610

Courtesy: William Ashley China Ltd., 55 Bloor Street West; Toronto, ON (416) 964-2900