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Episode 309 - Simply Moving
Mover's Lunch
Mustn't forget to re-fuel!
Everyone knows how crazy moving day can be. Let's say someone you know is moving into a new home, you offer to help them move and they don't take you up on it. Or, maybe you're the one who's moving and your hired movers want you to stay out of their hair. One thing you can do is help keep their energy levels high. I'd like to share some ideas for creating a satisfying lunch for the whole crew. From sandwiches to dessert, this lunch will be sure to help move them!

We began with a large wicker basket and we filled it with soft drinks, juice, some plastic glasses, napkins, and a large bandana table cloth.

I like to do a bagel extravaganza. Bagels are not messy, the bread is very dense and you can fill them with virtually anything you'd like. We prepared various sandwiches: smoked salmon and cream cheese; ham and cheese; peanut butter and jam; and, of course, turkey. Each tasty sandwich was individually wrapped with wax paper, labeled, and placed inside the basket.

How about some pickles placed in a small container? A bunch of fresh fruit: apples, oranges, pears, bananas. Finally, how about some nice fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies?

Hey, if that doesn't keep your movers moving, I don't know what will!