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Episode 309 - Simply Moving
Time Capsule
Remember when...
Do you ever wonder what people will say about us three hundred years from now? Maybe they'll say "Hey! Life was really simple back then". Well, what better way to show them about us than by creating a time capsule?

Take a mason jar, add a map and the front page of your favourite newspaper. How about photographs of your family just so people know exactly who created this piece of history. Some loose change? How about the cork of your favourite bottle of wine? And, lest we forget, the message in the bottle: the thing that tells the finder that this is a time capsule. Put a lid on it, seal it up nice and tight. Then, either dip it in wax or wrap duck tape around the top. The last part is so much fun: bury it in your back yard and then just hope that the finder appreciates your little piece of encapsulated time.