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Episode 307 - Green With Envy
Host File
The Nik-Files
Here's a great idea to keep yourself organized for future dinner planning: how about a host book? Great for documenting all party details, this book will not only help you to keep from repeating yourself with future parties, but also to remember the pleasures of parties past.

Take a simple bound book and simply create party details on each page: who you invited, what you served, the new wines you tried and what you thought of them, the recipe you clipped and then tried. How about the original invitation? A photograph of the happy partygoers? Flower arrangements, seating arrangements, all sorts of party specifics!!!

This book can become your journal to ensure that you never serve the same thing twice or seat the same people beside each other more than once. Best of all, it will remind you of the great job you're doing to make every day entertaining!