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Episode 307 - Green With Envy
Lettuce Entertain You
That's a lotta lettuce!!
Our annual colour tribute has me giving you a lesson in lettuce. I looked to the garden for inspiration for some gorgeous greens!

The following group of lettuces are similar in their bitter, peppery tastes: Escarole, with its yellow centre; Curly Endive, often referred to as chicory ; Sorrel, identified by its long leaves with two little points right at the bottom; Arugula, one of my favourites because of its colour and texture; Lamb's Lettuce, a very small, peppery lettuce which should be rinsed well because sand often collects in its tight leaves; and Mizuna, indigenous to Japan, is nice to sprinkle over a salad. Bitter greens are best enjoyed with something contrasting like a sweet vinaigrette.

As the saying goes, "You gotta have heart", and the following greens all do: Curly Leaf Lettuce is great as an underliner on an appetizer plate and it has a nice heart in the bottom which retains a lot of water; Caesar's favourite, Romaine Lettuce, consists of tall stalks with a large heart in the bottom which is very flavourful; and, of course, we can't forget Iceberg Lettuce, which has the biggest heart that is so compact and contains a large amount of liquid.

Most greens are vibrant and attractive but Lollo Rosa is probably one of the most lovely types because of its dark red colouration in parts and its texture. There is also the beautiful Savoy Cabbage, not as tight as standard cabbage, and also a bit sweeter; Dandelion Greens, similar to Arugula and Escarole in bitterness, have a striking spindly look; Spinach, mine and Popeye's favourite, make sure you wash it thoroughly as it is very sandy; Butter Lettuce, very distinctive flavour-wise, is very smooth on the tongue and is a lovely salad ingredient.

I guess we've given you some new ideas and combinations of greens to toss around! When you're ready to make your next salad, I hope you will keep them in mind.