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Episode 304 - Morning After
Thank You - Banner
A kid at heart...
Iím always looking for new ways to thank the host for inviting me to their event or dinner. One way to say thanks is to send a bright and colourful banner that spells, what else, Thank You! This is also a great project for the kids and ultimately is a great way to say thanks in a big way!.

Thank You Banner

  • one large, colourful piece of paper
  • scissors


Fold the paper as you would a fan. Make sure you have enough even-sized panels so that each letter of your message has its own panel (to spell thank you, you need eight panels). Once the paper is folded, cut each letter out separately, yet making sure that one letter remains attached to the next. Feel free to add colurful stickers to the banner, adding colour detail. Fold up your banner, pop it into an envelope and there you go, youíre saying thanks in a big, bright and colourful way!