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Episode 304 - Morning After
Thank You - Seed Pack
Well, thanks for having me!
I’m always looking for new ways to thank the host for inviting me to their event or dinner. One way to say thanks that will last is by sending a seed pack. This way your hosts can sprinkle the seeds in the garden and when things come to life, they’ve got you on their mind.

Thank You Seed Packs

  • 8˝ by 11" sheet of paper
  • 2 smaller pieces of complimentary coloured paper
  • a selection of flower or herb seeds
  • scissors
  • pinking sheers
  • glue stick


Cut the 8˝ by 11" piece of paper and fold it into an envelope shape. Place your selection of seeds inside and seal, perhaps with a bright flower sticker.

Using your glue stick, affix the seed pack to another, complimentary coloured sheet of paper about an inch larger than the seed pack.

You may wish to go a step further and again affix this to a slightly larger piece of paper, onto which you write your thanks and salutations.

Place your seed pack into an envelope, address and send.

If you want to turn it up a notch, how about making a nice floral cut out to attach to the back of the envelope? This will surely make yours a thank you to remember!