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Episode 302 - Passage To India
Sera Smile
Say Cheese!
There is a wonderful custom in the Indian wedding ceremony where members of the bride or groom’s family greet one another by exchanging garlands. Here’s a real easy way to get your guests in an Indian mood right from the moment they enter your home.

Flower Garlands - Seras

  • thin grade white butcher’s thread
  • 1 large darning needle
  • scissors
  • 3 dozen carnations (or marigolds, as an option)
  • 1 bunch of silal leaves (or other greenery)

Method: Cut a long piece of butcher’s thread and tie a darning needle to one end. Take a carnation blossom, draw the needle through its centre and pull it down the string. Repeat with the next blossom, pulling it down next to the previous one. Add a leaf of silal every few blossoms or so, drawing the needle through the center of the leaf and pulling it down to the other flower blossoms. Continue until you have a long band of blossoms. Tie the ends together and get ready to greet tour guests with your hand made and home made flower garland!

Whether you use carnations or marigolds to create this lovely look, we think it is the perfect way to greet your guests for an Indian evening.