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Episode 311 - Hoe Down!
Square Dancing
Get down at the Hoe Down!
As the sun sets on a beautiful afternoon it's time to put your hoe down and pick up your feet. Time to talk to Al Calhoun, an expert "caller" - the ring leader in a square dance.

Square dancing is experiencing a resurgence. Internationally, it's all the rage right now. Al informed me that 52 countries around the world are doing the square dance, and, from what I witnessed, this dance is anything but square! Al accompanies the music and instructs the couples on exactly what the moves are. It's easy and fun and when you get a bunch of people (we had four couples) all dancing together they have a ball.

This is a modern form of the old-time square dancing. The moves are the same but the location can vary from barn to living room to basically anywhere you want to be! With all those "do si dos" you and your partner can give each other a "yellow rock" hug for a job well done.

Concentration is important but friendship, fun and enjoyment are the key elements. As Al says, "If you don't enjoy it, go bowling." So throw on your overalls, grab a partner and set a spell! But be warned: one lesson and you're hooked for life. I've seen it happen to the best of them (myself included, of course). Try it and you'll see for yourself that Hoe Down is the only way to get down!

For more information on how to become involved in square dancing, contact Al Calhoun at (705) 835-2742.

Courtesy: Al Calhoun, Hillsdale, ON (705) 835-2742