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Episode 209 - 9 to 5
Tortilla Wraps
A little Different...
Tortilla Wraps

In a flour tortilla spread some cream cheese that you have mixed with a bit of dill and garlic. Spread some at the base of the tortilla and around the top. Then place slices of salmon or any sort of meat of grilled vegetables that you like. Add pieces of arugula, watercress or sprouts.

Roll up the tortilla, folding in the sides as you roll so the wrap is nice and tight. Youíll notice that the spread along the top of the tortilla will help to keep this delicious sandwich from unravelling.

Wrap the wrap in plastic wrap and thatís that. Itís a wrap!

Courtesy: Kathy Marinkovic, All The Best Fine Foods; Toronto, Canada (416) 928-3330