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Episode 209 - 9 to 5
Desk Top Delicious!
Tasty standby
Itís the middle of the week and youíre scraping your pennies together for coffee, let alone a restaurant lunch. Savoir Faire comes to the rescue, thanks to my friend Kathy Marinkovic of All The Best Fine Foods in Toronto. Kathy is an expert sandwich maker and has some great tips and suggestions for dining a la bureau!

Ham and Cheese

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to dressing up the basic ham and cheese sandwich. The easiest and more deliciously effective way to give your sandwich bite is to experiment with different condiments.

First and foremost is mustard. There are many different types of dijons and pommery mustards available nowadays. From mild to hot, they each give their unique personality to a straight up ham and cheese.

Breads themselves add a tremendous amount of flavour and texture to a sandwich. How about trying something new like a muffalata bread, corn bread or challah?

Tomatoes and lettuces.
Vine ripened tomatoes are just plain juicy and delicious. You may wish to try fresh spinach or arugula for a nutty taste. The choice is yours, have fun!

Courtesy: Kathy Marinkovic, All The Best Fine Foods; Toronto, Canada (416) 928-3330