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Episode 209 - 9 to 5
Coffee Break
woo them...
So you and your small business are working hard to become a major player in your field. Great! Now itís getting to the point when you have to entertain clients. Yikes! Relax, help is on the way. Here are some suggestions for dressing up the coffee service in your office. It illustrates perfectly the care you take with the details, which is important, no?

We set up our Savoir Faire coffee service on an eight foot long rectangular table. Any and all elements of this service will work on any sized table you use. Always use the best quality ingredients and treats you can find. You never know, this small difference could you land that coveted contract!
  • Cover your table with a simple, classic patterned table cloth, a stripe works well.
  • Serviceware such as breakfast plates, cups and saucers need not be expensive. Sturdy, simple hotel ware is a classic, even better if it matches or compliments the table covering.
  • Small butter and jam knives or teaspoons.
  • Small juice glasses we used some from an auction lot we picked up for a dollar.
  • Bright napkins, linen or paper.
  • Three large thermal flasks, one with a crisp Kona Coffee, the second with decaf and the third with hot water for tea.
  • Speaking of tea, a small tea chest or box containing a selection such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe plus some herbal, caffeine-free alternatives.
  • A platter on which are placed a selection of croissants, bagels, danishes, pastries or cinnamon twists. You may wish to incorporate pieces of fruit, always a nice touch.
  • Assorted condiments presented in small bowls, peanut butter and/or jam for bagels, butter or margarine.
  • A pitcher of fresh-squeezed orange juice or any favourite of yours.
  • A vase of fresh flowers. They will really brighten up the office.
If you are entertaining clients all day, you may wish to refresh this service in the afternoon. Instead of the pastries and danishes you could serve a selection of fine cookies and an energizing trail mix. Replenish the coffee and hot water and keep that juice topped up.

A well-thought out coffee service will show people that you care. Itís a very nice touch. Besides, isnít the best way to someoneís heart through his or her stomach?