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Episode 208 - Cocktails at Eight
Oh Barkeep...
Tools of the trade
Hosting a cocktail party can be done with the greatest of ease, especially if you have the proper bar implements on hand. Mind you, you donít have to acquire everything at once. You may wish to first start with the basics. And as your collection grows, watch out! Youíll be shaking and stirring up a storm!

Hereís what you might wish to consider for setting up a basic bar service:
  • ice bucket
  • ice tongs
  • an ice scoop
  • 1 - 2 ounce shot glass
  • cocktail shaker
  • ice strainer for the cocktail shaker
  • a blender
  • a zester
  • small cutting board
  • 1 paring knife
  • muddler (for mashing fruit - like a mortar and pestle)
  • straws
  • cocktail swords
  • 1 small burner for Spanish coffee
  • bar towels
  • flip top corkscrew (the kind they use in restaurants, or the screw-pull type works just as well)
  • bottle opener
  • can opener