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Episode 208 - Cocktails at Eight
Dance The Night Away!
I find that when Iím invited to a party or to a special occasion like a wedding, even though I might not know the steps I still like to try dancing. My friend Linda Garneau, a dance teacher who taught me the swing, has some quick tips for deciding which step to use when the music starts playing. If itís a quick rhythm, Linda suggests that it may be a jive or swing. If itís slower it could be a waltz. If itís really slow, then a tango might be in order. Regardless of the type of music a few dance lessons can help build up your skill level and increase your confidence on the floor. Who knows, you might soon become the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers!

Courtesy: Linda Garneau, Randolph School of the Arts; Toronto, Canada (416) 924-2243