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Episode 206 - Dick and Jane
Good As Home Made Part One -- Mexican Food
Que bueno!
Letís be perfectly honest. Entertaining can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if youíre extremely busy or trying to make a great impression on a first date. However, there is a way to divide the chores even if youíre single. How about letting someone else do the cooking while youíre cleaning up, choosing music and lighting candles?

Just because youíre ordering dinner in does not mean it has to be served in its Styrofoam or cardboard container. A quick way to dress up enchiladas is to serve an accompanying salad on the same serving dish. A tostada looks even more delicious when topped off with a few slices of red pepper. Sliced olives sprinkled atop tortilla chips with accompanying dipping sauces gives you appetizers a la Mexicana. Donít forget your service plates. Since itís Mexican, how about brightly coloured Santa Fe inspired dinner ware. It goes a long way in brightening up a table and the food which is being served.