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Episode 205 - Mood Indigo
Blue Screens
Screens are fun
Our idea for a blue project crosses the paper lantern with the table screen to create delicate paper frames that are beautiful as an illuminated centrepiece or on a buffet or sideboard. This project uses everyday tools, inexpensive materials and is so simple that even your nieces and nephews may want to join in!

  • small hammer
  • 20 finishing nails
  • small handsaw
  • ruler
  • exacto knife
  • heavy wood cutting board
  • glue stick
  • 1/4 inch square moulding (at least 6 ft for every 2 piece frame)
  • sand paper
  • beautiful paper for the screens
  • small, votive candle with its container

For the most basic stand-up frame with two sides, follow the directions below. For an open-boxed lantern, double the materials and the procedure and attach the units together in a square configuration.
  • Measure 4 five inch pieces of wood and 4 twelve inch pieces of wood.
  • Using the small handsaw, cut wood into 4 pieces of the shorter 5 inch strips for the tops and bottoms.
  • Cut wood into 4 pieces of 12 inch lengths for the upright ends.
  • Sand each end until smooth.
  • Gently hammer finishing nails into either end of the twelve inch piece without going all the way through.
  • Place smaller pieces at either end and gently tap nails into place, attaching the shorter ends to the upright length.
  • Hammer finishing nails into either end of another 12 inch length without going all the way through.
  • Place it against the other part of the frame and tap it gently into place with the hammer. You should now have a rectangular frame unit.
  • Repeat the entire procedure to make another frame unit.
  • Attach the first and seconds units with finishing nails.
  • Measure the paper against a single frame unit and add a 1/4 inch to the top and bottom edges, (or enough to attach the paper to the frame).
  • On the long pieces you may wish to leave some wood exposed to give a Japanese lantern effect.
  • Cut both pieces to size.
  • To apply the paper to the wood, neatly run the glue along the top and bottom faces of the frame unit.
  • Place the paper on top of the glued area and gently smooth it with your fingers to help the paper stick to the wood.
  • Finish the top and bottom ends by applying the glue and folding the paper neatly over one edge.
  • Invert the frame and repeat on the other end.
  • Repeat the entire procedure on the other frame unit.
To use, carefully place a votive candle which is safely enclosed in its tall glass container behind the screen, making sure that the open flame cannot come in contact with the beautiful paper frame you have just made. Remember to never leave illuminated candles unattended or in a windy place.