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Episode 205 - Mood Indigo
Searing -- Ooh that's hot!
Seared Tuna
Searing meats, poultry and seafood is a perfect way to lock in natural juices and flavour. My friend Tony Loschiavo of L-Eat Catering in Toronto suggests that the best way to sear meat, fish or poultry is to heat extra virgin olive oil in a pan to just before it starts to smoke, very hot. Then place the food into the hot oil and cook at this high temperature on all sides until the outside is browned or appears cooked.

With some foods meant to be eaten rare, like tuna, you’re ready to serve. With other meats and poultry you would remove it to an oven-proof pan and finish cooking in the oven.

Courtesy: Tony Loschiavo, L-Eat Catering, Toronto, Canada (416) 631-9226