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Episode 205 - Mood Indigo
Am I Blue Table
Kind of blue
Each season Savoir Faire likes to dedicate an entire episode to the challenge of entertaining all in one colour. In Episode 205 “Mood Indigo” that colour is blue. Monet took his inspiration from the still waters in which lily pads bloomed; George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and me setting a blue table? I consider myself to be in good company.

Monochromatic colour schemes are very dramatic. On our blue table we placed a cloth long enough to reach the floor. The blue china, “Petal Lupin” is from a company named Brimley in England. It’s scalloped edge lends almost a water theme to our service.

Hand-blown glasses with gossamer blue ribbon tied around each stem is very easy to gain impressive results. If you’re serving at the table from a blue casserole dish you may wish to consider blue trivets, something ready for use again and again.

You can’t forget blue napkins or blue napkin holders. How about Lucite handled cutlery, blue being the colour of choice. Blue service pieces can be of another pattern, condiment bowls, place mats, everything the same colour.

A single colour table theme can be striking whether it’s formal or informal. It’s the colour that counts.