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Episode 203 - 50's Redux
Budding Artist
The artiste at work!
The great thing about living in the present is that you can go back to the past for ideas. Take this flower arrangement. It could very well have come from a vintage magazine or book. Itís just the right thing for a 50's table. Its easy to do and requires very few flowers.

  • an old wire basket, preferably shallow, with open sides.
  • One block of floral oasis, dampened
  • one bunch of babyís breath
  • one bunch of greenery (we used silal, readily available from any florist)
  • several each blue and yellow spider mums (any bright, retro flower will do)
Place the floral oasis in the centre of the basket. Insert the greenery first around the edges and then into the centre of the oasis. Next, add pieces of babyís breath at random throughout the arrangement. The crowning step, place the spider mums (or which ever flower you choose) at random throughout the arrangement. Done! Colourful, gorgeous and inexpensive!