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Episode 203 - 50's Redux
On The Record
Here's a creative idea!
Iím a bit of a nostalgia nut. I love watching old movies and television programs and reading vintage magazines, anything that will inspire me to host a breakfast, dinner or party. Hereís an idea for a 50's dinner invitation.

  • old 45 rpm records (one for each guest you wish to invite)
  • permanent neon markers in a variety of colours
  • a number of sheets of brightly-coloured construction paper
  • scissors
  • big round stickers (square will also work)
First, print or write the party invitation on the black portion of the 45. This is the perfect time to get creative, use different colours, designs and squiggles to make it really, shall we say, sing!

The next step is to slip the 45 back into its original sleeve. What I did then was place the record onto a sheet of construction paper and cut the paper into a square twice the size of the 45. Then, place the record in the middle of the paper on an angle and fold the corners so they all intersect at the middle of the 45.

Write a few extra details on whatever shape of sticker you choose and place the sticker right where all of the points intersect to hold it together. There you go, you and your guests will be bopping til you drop in no time!