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Episode 202 - Pik Nik
Vintage Linens -- Hand Made Treasures
Marilyn and Nik
Vintage linens are always great finds. They’re inexpensive when compared to new and are ever so versatile for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. My friend Marilyn Dunphy, also known locally in Toronto as “The Linen Lady” collects and sells vintage linens for a living. And she has come up with some wonderful ideas to get the most out of a tag sale or flea market treasure.

If you shop around like I do, you share that rush that occurs when you’ve stumbled across something you just know that no one else has. Take a look at these tablespoon wraps. They are of the same type that have long been used to wrap fine silver, but these were sewn by hand. The fine embroidery on the overleaf describes what is stored inside. These are definitely worth collecting; you don’t see fine craftsmanship like this anymore.

Courtesy: Marilyn Dunphy, Toronto, ON (416) 588-0136