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Episode 202 - Pik Nik
Vintage Linens -- One Of A Kind
Telltale markings...
Now hereís a tip if youíre really into collecting. A good way to determine the age of a cloth is to take a look at the subject matter printed or dyed into the cloth itself. In this case, we can tell that this particular cloth was created in the 1940's or 50's when charcoal was still sold in cloth bags.

Another word of advice for such a unique cloth is to have fun while selecting napkins, because chances are youíre not going to find an entire matching set. Donít be afraid to use different napkins to bring the numbers in your set from say four to eight, to even sixteen for that matter. Just pick the colours from your table cloth and let your imagination be your guide.

Courtesy: Marilyn Dunphy, Toronto, ON (416) 588-0136