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Episode 202 - Pik Nik
Pik Nik Perk-ups
Going all out...
I know, I know. We at Savoir Faire have been accused of going overboard from time to time. But why not; the true joy of entertaining comes from each of our efforts to make the most of the ever precious moments that we have to spend with friends and family.

Itís these little touches that make, as we like to say, every day entertaining. To that end, here are but a couple of easy suggestions to enhance any picnic or backyard barbecue.

Flowers - How about a simple, inexpensive arrangement? Bring along some Gooseneck or Queen Anneís Lace. Dillweed and fresh herbs also work. They impart beauty and a nice scent to your alfresco dining environment.

Wine and Beverages - A light Chablis or Chardonnay is a nice wine to sip and enjoy. Iced mint tea and iced coffee are great alternatives. Edible flowers work well as garnishes.

Games, Books and Puzzles - A picnic is the perfect way to decompress. This is a great time for that novel youíve been wanting to get into or to try your hand at badminton or croquet.