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Episode 202 - Pik Nik
Operation Fun!
Just like old times...
Picnics are the perfect way to spend a warm, sunny afternoon with good friends. But itís not all about the food. Itís also about accessories, things that you can take along that will help make the outdoors more comfortable and more fun. Here are some suggestions that will ensure a successful day in the wild!

Blankets: a couple of soft, colourful oversized blankets are perfect for sitting or napping on after lunch or dinner. You may want to bring along some plastic sheeting to protect the blankets if you think that the ground is moist.

Picnic baskets: Canít have enough. I like to use at least two: one for the food and the other for dishware, glasses and such.

Wooden cutting boards come in handy if you are serving anything that will have to be sliced or prepared while youíre out of doors.

Thermal flasks and glassware. New thermal flasks are great, but itís also worth keeping an eye out for funky, vintage thermal flasks at tag sales. Colourful plastic glasses make for nice presentation of iced coffees or teas.

Dishware can be anything your heart desires. Extra strength paper is great for a big picnic, colourful Melmac is the newest retro rage. For intimate picnics, hey, who says you canít bring along china? Just be careful!

A tablecloth comes in handy if you plan to use a picnic table. If itís a vintage cloth or something you really care for bring an old sheet to use as an under liner. This will protect your favourite cloth from snags.

Speaking of linens, donít forget at least one dry and one damp tea towel. I usually seal them in plastic bags. You will be prepared for any stain that awaits!

Folding stools are essential for anyone who wants to get off of the ground for a bit. Camp stools are perfect as they collapse and are easily transportable.

You would think that if you picked the perfect park or meadow that there would be enough flowers around for you and yours to enjoy. I certainly hope so. But if not, some simple flowers from home will create a beautiful, impromptu centrepiece.